For thousands of years Mediation & Restorative Justice was used by the people of Papua New Guinea as a part of their system of law and justice. This knowledge got almost lost and was rediscovered in the last decades.
Pat Howley is one of the most experienced foreign trainers in Mediation & Restorative Justice in Melanesia.
During his work on Bougainville in the 1990s he met John Tompot from Siwai, who was still using these methods. Together they worked out manuals and trained trainers, which brought Mediation & Restorative Justice back to the people of Bougainville.
In June 2009 Pat Howley followed the request of the Central-Bougainvillean Youth Leader Team to train them in an intensive two weeks programme in Mediation & Restorative Justice. During this training they prepared and produced this video which demonstrates the methods of Mediation & Restorative Justice.

»It is most fitting that the people of Bougainville, who preserved and restored the ancient systems of
Mediation and Restorative justice, should be the ones who produced this video,
demonstrating their ancient justice systems«

- Pat Howley


Augustine Kikira
Matilda Domaina
Jonitha Taira
Rex Baras
Appollonia Mekea
Fredrick Maia
Anna Naiken
Elias Momis
Mildred Itamari
Hendry Naruu
Thomas Koronaru
Solomon Koronaru
Robert Kukuso
Alfred Pankau
Stewart Tapuri
Justin Nepia
Eugene Tiotorau
Marcellin Kerepas
Ramine Jonoit
Aron Dakoi
Steven Tomka
Danny Muntaa
Valentina Oritanu
Kevin Deioka
Julias Oerena
Therese Matera
Geraldine Mekara
Dominic Koori
Barbara Kova



Br. Pat Howley f.m.s.
Clearance Dency

Idea & Script

Br. Pat Howley f.m.s.

Produced & Directed by

Dete Siegert
Br. Pat Howley f.m.s.
Stefan Fritsche

Cinematography, Editor

Stefan Fritsche

Special Thanks

Danny Muntaa
Marai Community
Tony Aibenu
Fr. Iosefo Brandon s.m.
Barbara Kova
Divine Word University, Madang

This project was funded by

NGO PROmotion Program, Madang

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Running time
73 min

16:9 Widescreen   |   PAL   |   DVD 5

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Autonomous Region of Bougainville
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